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Archived from March 30th

A low turnout this week. Simon had decided to risk life and limb by donning a set of ski's and my most recent reports suggest he has not yet needed to get any plaster casts autographed. A result indeed Si.

My excuse was bombproof. After testing Covid+ for a week, i still needed two negatives to start socialising amongst Dodgers that were at least as vulnerable as me. (I was clear on Thursday) My wife and I have been triple jabbed and neither of us had any symptoms.

Back to shooting. Interesting results that suggested Shane had been doing a little fine tuning of his own. Only one Dodger beat his average score. Bob Warder took the scratch gold with a score of 59. Dave Salter took the Silver with 57. Julian Waszczak took the Bronze just one target behind with 56 kills.

Dave Gee walked the Handicap gold witha score that beat his average by 4 clear targets. Geof Pomroy took the Handicap Silver without beatting his 2022 average. Bob Warder took the Handicap Bronze.

South Worcester was a different kettle of fish. Only 3 shooters but all put in a great score. All beat their averages. Top gun was Paul Stokes with a cracking 90 ex 100 kills. Tony Gray broke 88 for the second week running to take the Silver with John Griffiths and his 28g scoring 65 and taking the Bronze. Tony Gray took the Handicap Gold with John Griffiths taking the Silver with Paul's mighty 90 kills only taking the Handicap Bronze.

I'm looking forward to next week when I can do some catching up.


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