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Archived from March 23rd

March 23rd.

Missed my shooting this week as I had tested positive for Covid on Wednesday morning and didn't fancy passing it on.

Some good scores in from both grounds. Mr. Butler had put on a Side by Side competion which might have led to some testing stands being moderated a little. Top scoring Dodger in that competion was probably Dave Nightingale. His 45 kills, as far as i'm aware was the only S/S score returned amongst our returns.

Scratch Gold was won by Julian Shuker with a great 63. Steve Honnor took the Silver by a handicap adjustment after matching Dave Salter's Bronze winning 61. Ian Jeffries wit 60 targets and took the Handicap Gold by beating his average by eight clear targets.

Silver was won by Julian Shuker who was 7.1 targets above his average. Gary Griffiths took the Bronze by beating his own average by a superb 7 kills. Some great scores, Well done everyone.

South Worcester also returned an amazing scoresheet. Dave Salter returned a great 90% kill rate to take the scratch Gold. Tony Gray took Silver with an all time personal best of 88. Geoff Pomroy's 83 earned him the scratch Bronze. Tony easily took the Handicap Gold. Silver went to Geoff Pomroy with John Griffiths beating his average by 6 targets to take the Bronze. Some great shooting this week guys.

Hope I'm clear next week.


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