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Archived from March 1st

01.03.23. Another cold and damp one which left us a bit thin on the ground thi week.

I left my gloves in the motor and spent most of the morning with my hands deep in my pockets. At least, there was little queuing this week and most squads were back well before midday. No records broken this week. Dave Salter took the scratch Gold medal with 58 broken clays. Julian Waszczak's 56 just pipped Bob Warder's similar score on handicap difference to take the Silver place leaving Bob with the Bronze spot. Mark Reacord took the Handicap Gold with a score 5 clays better than his average. Nigel Jordan was handicap runner up leaving David Nightingal to fill in the Bronze position.

Too cold for Trevor G at South Worcester. He retired to the Club house to get warm after just a couple of stands. He had a high average but no cigar I'm afraid. A heavily modified course this week, Becky was obviously feeling adventurous.and gave us some impressive targets. Len Sandford took top spot with an 80% kill rate leaving Tony Gray's 67 in the runner up position. John Griffiths 57 took the Bronze. John Griffiths took the handicap Gold position with a fine 3.5 kills above his average. Len took the handicap Silver leaving Tony Gray with the Bronze. I'm ready for a few warm spring shoots from now on.

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