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Archived from June 8th

June 8th

Your commentator is on holiday now and will miss next weeks shoot. Just send me your results as usual to 07836 367889 and they will be reported as usual.

With showers forecast all day, Wednesday's turn out was down at both grounds this week. The rain held off long enough to enable Bob Warder to shatter an impressive 68 targets and easily take the scratch Gold medal at Butlers. He beat Julian Shuker's Silver spot by a clear 7 points. The Bronze medal position was won by Simon Honeyborne who's handicap adjustment placed him above Len Sandford who recorded a similar 60 hits.

Handicap Gold went again to David Gee who, for the first 17 weeks of the year, struggled to break 50% of his targets. His remarkable improvement still beat his steadily rising average by over 10 points. Bob Warder took the handicap Silver spot with Malcolm Speer taking the closely fought Bronze position.

A heavy downpour delayed our shoot at South Worcester but gave way to a sunny afternoon. Paul Stokes put in another top class score to take the Gold medal spot. His 93 dusted targets beat Tony Gray's score by a clear 10 hits. Len was just one target behind Tony and took the Bronze position. Tony took the top Handicap position by just one point from Paul's handicap Silver spot. Len took the handicap Bronze spot.

Another great day's shooting all round.


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