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Archived from June 30th

June 30th (due to problems with e mail this was not posted on time. July 7th's news is below).KP

Another restricted commentary this week as I've been away enjoying the uninterruptable delights of sunny Cornwall. I do not have all the scores from last week's shoot so I shall review them after Wednesday when I hope I can fill the gaps.

A sad message this week I'm afraid. It is with great sadness that I have to report that the grim reaper has been at his work and taken one of our elders. Bob Grice passed away last week after a long battle against lung cancer.

Bob joined our band of brothers in 2008 and shot with us regularly for the next 11 years. His deteriorating breathing and mobility difficulties made it impossible for him to continue with the sport he loved so much.

Bob was a gentleman and a true sportsman who's sharp wit generally poked fun at himself after a particularly disappointing stand.

I know little of Bob's later years outside our small community but he was clearly a remarkable youth. In 1958 he was Apprentice of the Year at BMC's massive Longbridge factory. He was part of the team that created and launched the iconic Mini. I'm aware that during his later years, he was frequently called upon to speak to enthusiasts and clubs around the UK to relate his experiences working with Sir Alec Issigonis and of how the Mini was developed.

Bob has left a visible mark on society and may he now rest in peace.

On behalf of our group, I'd like to offer our condolences to all his family and friends. If I get further information, I'll let you all know through this message board.


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