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Archived from June 29th

June 29th

H&W Course was a bit more sympathetic today but still had a a few clays that fooled many of us. The bogey target for our squad was the single use fast crosser coupled with the near rabbit. It made a mess of everyone's card except Julian Shuker's who missed only his first 'single use' target. He was clear champion of the day with a most impressive 65 broken clays.

Runner up was Bob Jordan who managed 60 hits with his 20g this week. A great show Bob. Third place went to Gary Griffiths who's joint 59 took the Bronze spot after his handicap score was added. Julian's scratch score just pipped Howard Davies to the Handicap Gold by a miniscule 0.25 of a target.

A great showing from Howard. After watching Gary Griffiths working tirelessly for weeks trying to resolve an eye dominence problem, it was great to watch him beat his average by a super 7 clays and add the handicap Bronze spot to his scratch Bronze place. Well done Gary.

Weather couldn’t make its mind up at South Worcester but shooting was fine. On most stands we shot the last pair simultaneous which led to some interesting targets. Dave Salter once again gave us all a free shooting lesson but he was still peed off that he had missed 12 targets!.

Len was runner up with 81 breaks with Tony Gray in the Bronze spot with 78 hits. Star of the day was John Griffiths who had a super 68% broken targets with his magic little 28g. He walked the Handicap Gold spot by around 10 hits. Dave Salter took the Silver spot with Tony Gray filling in the third place. A nice shoot enjoyed by everyone.

I'm on holiday for the next two weeks but keep the scores coming.


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