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Archived from June 22nd

June 22nd

A hot and sweaty outing today, but full credit to the ground staff at Butlers for the great mix of targets this week. I believe the really testing ones were also on last week. Frustrating as they are, they are also the most satisfying if you do manage to work out how to hit one or two. I felt we had three such targets this week, and after hitting only one of the 9 fast crossers,

I am now eager to try a few more if they are still around on my next visit. The 59 scored by Peter Johnson took the scratch Gold from Bob Warder on handicap difference, Bob took the Silver. Len Sandford took the Bronze spot with his 58 beating Dave Salter, again on handicap difference. Peter Johnson was handicap Gold winner by a massive 6.5 points leaving the Silver to Malcolm Speer and the Bronze to David Nightingale. Rhiddian was the only other shooter with an above average score at the H&W ground.

South Worcester also proved a little more testing this week with Dave Salter's 81 taking the top spot. Len was runner up on 78, with the bronze spot going to Tony Gray's 75. No one beat their average but Tony Gray took the Handicap top spot with Len close behind taking the Silver. Dave Salter took the Bronze position.

After next week's shoot, your commentator, (Len) will be on holiday for a fortnight but will still record the scores and give a reasonable analysis of how you all fared so please keep the scores coming in as I can't do the business without them. Simply photo your Cards and send them to me on 07836 367889 or send me a text. Thanks again everyone.


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