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Archived from June 1st

I had a message from Rhiddian (who shot his round on Tuesday) that he felt the course was a little 'trickier' this week. Well, todays average score suggested it was the easiest course we have shot since September 2019. I cannot recall an earlier shoot where every shooter beat his average and returned a handicap score in excess of 75. Personally, I prefer to think that we are all just getting so much better!

Top scrach spot went to Dave Salter who's super 68 ex 75 targets gave him the Gold medal. Great to see David on top form again. He has been having persistant gun mounting and un-responsive trigger finger problems over recent months but all worked perfectly this week. Len was a close runner up and took the Silver position with an very pleasing score of 67. Julian Shuker took the Bronze spot on handicap difference from Julian Waszczak. They both scored 63 on the day.

Handicap Gold went to Robert Wilson who's 49 kills topped his average by a full 10 targets. A new benchmark now Robert! Dave Salter took the Handicap Silver with a score less than 1 target behind Robert's. Len took the Bronze spot a fraction of a clay behind David. Amazing scores all round today.

Some good scores at South Worcester again this week. Len's 89 took the scratch Gold spot with Jonathan Thornton taking the Silver with a very pleasing 80. Jonathan Skelding took the Bronze just 2 hits behind. Len's scratch win also took the Handicap Gold with Trevor G's trusty 20g taking the Silver. Jonathan Skelding took the Handicap bronze spot.

A great day's shooting at both grounds with some very pleasing results. Thanks again for the scores guys.


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