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Archived from June 15th

June 15th

From comments received with the scores this week, it would seem that a few testing changes had been made to the course.

One squad reported that no one was seen to hit one particularly testing tower target. A good turnpot by the 20g shooters as well. These small bore guns are well up to breaking anything a 12b can manage and always put in a good showing in the results.

This week the scores were generally lower with Dave Salter taking the scratch Gold medal with what would normally be a modest 57 ex 75 targets. Runner up was Julian Shuker with 55 broken clays. Bronze spot went to Simon Honeyborne who's handicap advantage gave him the edge on Bob Warder's similar score of 54. Top Handicapper was Roy Kitchen who, despite the difficult targets, equalled his best score to date and took the Gold medal by 3 clear points.

Malcolm Speers 20g took the Handicap Silver spot with Suzy Small, just a fraction of a point behind, taking the Bronze position.

No scores from Upton this week so I must assume that we didn't manage a squad for whatever reason. I'm looking forward to shooting again on Wednesday and seeing what the fuss was about last week. Many thanks once again to all who took the time and trouble to report their scores to me each week.


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