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Archived from Jun 18th

Apologies Dodgers for the late commentary for the 9th of June shoot but a holiday excursion screwed up my schedule. Wednesday was another super day with barely a cloud in the sky. Some better scores this week though I thought I was a card missing. Bob Jordan took the scratch honours with a very respectable 59 ex 75. Julian Shuker, a regular on the scorecards these days, was runner up with 56 broken clays.

Star of the day was Trevor Griffiths (The Keeper of the Rabbit) with a mighty handicap score of over 83. His 20g is clearly enjoying it's summer outings and looks like it's doing its best to avoid being demoted to the back of his gun safe again.

Bob Jordan's scratch score gave him handicap runner up spot but he trailed Trevors' score by almost 5 points. Well done both of you.

Top gun at South Worcester was the greatly improved Tony Gray who's excellent 82 ex 100 beat Len's 80 into 2nd place. Tony also took the handicap title by beating Trevor G's mighty 20g by a fraction of a point. The scoreboard also included an old Dodger who last shot with us 12 years ago. Welcome back Peter Bissimire, great to have you back on the team.

No commentary next week as the sea is calling and I'll not be shooting. I'll enter the scores I get and look forward to getting back into the fold on the 23rd.

Post Script; Thanks for sending in the scores from Butlers.for the16th of July Can't detail it as I wasn't there but the scores indicate a challenging shoot. Dave Salter returned to the fold after surgery and took the Scratch Gold with a modest 53 kills beating Tobias by just 2 kills. Robert Wilson's sparkling handicap score of nearly 82 stole the Gold from Malcolm Sreer who returned to fine form only a point or so behind Robert. A great result from both of them. No scores returned from SW. Will update later.


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