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Archived from July 6th

July 6th.

Apologies for the late scores this week but I am on holiday at the moment and poor internet connections have been very frustrating. With the help of our Webmeister, Keith, I have finally prevailed on Sunday evening. Will try and do better next week.

Several fine scores last week with relative newcomer Chris Arthur putting in a fine 65 to take the day's scratch Gold medal. Well done Chris. Dave Salter, just one target behind, took the Silver place with Bob Jordan's reliable little 20g breaking 61 targets to take the Bronze spot. Less than 2 points seperated the Handicap places this week.

Chris Arthurs score placed him ahead of all others for the Handicap top spot, however, with only two qualifying scores, (I generally look for a minimum of 3), his scratch Gold will have to suffice this week. Handicap Gold was won by Bob J's 20g which once again proved that size is not everything in our sport. Close runner up was Dave Salter who's Silver spot suggests he is now shooting close to his best. Handicap Bronze was taken by Peter Johnson who shot 4 better than his average this week. Well done Peter.

South Worcester scores indicated a tougher than normal course this week. No one beat their average. Top score went to Paul Stokes wth 81 broken clays. Runner up, with 76, was Geoff Pomroy. Handicap adjustment gave Jonathan Skelding's 61 the Bronze spot. Handicap Gold went to John Griffith's 28g, closely followed by Geoff Pomroy who took the Siver spot. Paul Sokes took the Bronze position.


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