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archived from July 26


A tricky course at Butlers this week from the look of the scores. Only 6 shooters beat their averages.

Top scratch gun was Julian Waszczak with 58 broken targets. Bob Warder was just one behind and took the Silver spot. Bronze went to Steve Honnor with 52 Kills. Apologies Steve for missing you from last weeks scores. Your brilliant 58 was good enough to take both the Scratch and Handicap topspots. I can only think that I mis-read Julian's score summary. Mr Waszczak's 58 was also the top Handicap performance this week, beating Chris Arthur's handicap runner up score by almost three points.

Handicap Bronze was won by Alan Bayley. At South Worcester, Tony Gray is shooting very well lately. Scratch Gold medal place last week with 77 broken clays. Two guns were just three behind with scores of 74. Silver medal place went to John Griffith's super little 28g which beat Geoff Pomroy's 12g score on handicap adjustment. John's little gun left everything trailing on the Handicap front. His Gold medal score was over 9 points clear of Tony Gray's handicap Silver place with Geoff taking the handicap Bronze spot.


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