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Archived from July 24th

Crisis last week folks. Managed to run my phone over on Friday before I'd logged the scores. Neither the Phone or myself were very happy. The screen looked like a car windscreen that had encountered a housebrick at 60mph.

I've managed to get the number working again on a new phone and get my whatsapp account working again. I've now retieved the situation and have all the scores in.

David Nightingale and Simon Honeyborne tied with a score of 56 but handicap performance gave David the Gold by 2 points. They were also tops and runner up on the handicap sheet with Suzi Small a very close third.

A great performaance by all three shooters.

No scores from SW so I'm unable to comment. From this update, you will now gather that my new phone is now working fine, so scores to me Len Sandford, either by Whatsap, or message to 07836 367889, or email to


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