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Archived from July 13th

July 13th

Bit of a chore this week. Most people put in scores out of 77. To add complication, some put in correct scores having found out that the Skeet stand should have been marked as 3 pairs instead of the 4 pairs it was marked with. It was quite a challenge.

Firstly, I have entered the correct scores for those who submitted them. The others have been calculated by dividing the score submitted by 77 and multiplying the result by 75 to give as correct a score as my maths will allow.

The calculated scores were rounded up or down depanding on the fractions.

With 20 shooters exceeding their handicap it is reasonable to suggest that a few 'gimmee' stands were in there. Top scratch score of 69 was shared between Bob Jordan's 20g and Gary Griffith's 12b. Gary taking the Gold spot on handicap difference. Bronze went to Steve Honnor who's 64 beat Julian Shuker's 64 on handicap difference. All were amazing scores. Handicap scores were astronomical with Gary Griffiths taking Gold by breaking 16 more targets than his average. Robert Wilson took the Silver spot just 1 target below Gary's average. Malcolm Speer's 18 above average took the Bronze spot. A special mention for David Nightingale, who beat his average with his tiny .410. Well done Dave.

A small (and I suspect sticky) squad at SW this week. In scratch Gold position was Jonathan Skelding who's fine 84 was his best yet. Well done Jon. Trevor's 20b took the Silver spot with 70 tagets destroyed with Tony Gray taking the Bronze position with the same score. Jonathan's 10 above average easily took the Handicap Gold position with Trevor taking the Silver spot. John Griffiths took the handicap third spot by equalling his annual average.


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