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Archived from February 8th


Twelve stands again at Butlers this week. Only 3 shooters beat their average this week suggesting that a couple of stands had been 'tweaked' to stiffen the course a little.

Dave Salter's 57 took the scratch gold medal Gary Griffiths took the Silver spot with 54 kills plus handicap adjustment. Len Sandford's 54 took the scratch Bronze position. Some great Handicap scores. Mark Reacord's 37 was a Gold medal winner and a great leap forward. It was 15 better than his previous average. Great improvement Mark, keep it up. Ed Loft put in another monumental improvemnt when he beat his own average by over 9 points to take the Silver medal position. Super shooting Ed. Handicap Bronze went to Dave Gee with a score 4 better than his average. Inspired shooting by all the Handicap winners.

The good shooting continued at South Worcwster where Dave Salter's 81 just pipped Geoff Pomroy's 80 to take the top spot Tony Gray's score of 78. Tight scores indeed. Handicap Gold position was won by John Griffith's mighty 28g that recorded a score 8 better than his average. His score was 5 better than the silver spot of Geoff Pomroy and the Bronze position of Tony Gray. Well done John. Jonathan Skelding took on the challenge with his beautiful little .410 pump action, proving again that every target was hittable with a .410. Most impressive. For the record, after just beating his worst score on the ground, Len was urged to visit Specsavers.


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