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Archived from February 23rd

February 23rd

Apologies if I have missed anyone's scores this week but my old phone died and I was unable to transfer some of last weeks messages via Whatsapp. Thanks to all who re-sent them after I had explained the problem.

Another testing shoot at Mr. Butlers with only 2 scorecards reaching the 60's. Scratch Gold went to Malcolm Sykes with a super 62. The same squad also produced the runner up with the Silver going to Geoff Pomroy with a rock solid 60.

Bob Warder took the Bronze with a 58. Handicap Gold went to Geoff Pomroy's 60 that beat his average by over 5 points. Well Done Geoff. Cliff Robertson would have took the Silver if he had just one more score in with the Dodgers. (I need three scores to find an average).

Cliff's demise allowed Simon Honeyborne to sneak in and take the Handicap Silver. Bronze went to Malcolm Speer.

Missing a couple of regulars at SW this week. A shame because it was a good set of targets. Len was scratch top gun at with a super 85 ex 100 targets. Runner up was Malcolm Sykes with 81 hits. Geoff Pomroy took the Bronze with 75. Lens score also took the Handicap Gold with Geoff taking the Handicap Silver from Malcolm taking the Bronze.


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