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Archived from February 16th

February 16th

Shane had obviously been busy over the last few days as some targets were just marginally changed but this (and a very stiff breeze) added a new degree of subtly that caught out many experienced shooters.

Well done Shane, If I can have just one little moan, The little crossing rabbit that either drowned itself or died of myxomatosis more often than it got shot resulted in a load of no-birds on our squad. Otherwise a very satisfying shoot.

Top spot on the scratch scoreboard was shared by three results of 60 hits. After handicap adjusments, Dave Nightingale took the Gold with Julian Shuker taking Silver and Julian Wazczak taking the bronze.

The Handicap results were only marginally different. David also took the Gold and Julian Shuker took the Silver spot. Surprise was Robert Wilson who's 43 kills beat his average by over 3 points and gave him a wel deserved Handicap Bronze medal. It was good to see a couple of previous

Dodgers back in the fold this week. After 11 years, Kevin Cooke rejoined us and had a great shoot.He and Mike Lee-Lambert used to regularly duck off work on Wednesday morning to enjoy a bash with the Dodgers. (Mike was the boss).

An even earlier Dodger in the form of Nick Crombie, who had last shot with us 16 years ago also joined us. Nick had clearly been practising as his recent score was a significant improvement on his previous one. Great to see you both again lads and hope we don't have to wait as long again for your next visit.

South Worcester's high birds were particularly lively again resulting in reduced scores. Tony Gray prevailed however and took scratch Gold with a fine 79 hits. Len was runner up just 4 targets behind. Trevor G took the scratch Bronze on handicap difference after tie-ing with Geoff Pomroy with 69 each. Tony's scratch win also took the handicap Gold with Trevors 20g taking the Silver and Len taking the Bronze spot. A testing day on both grounds but a great day's sport.


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