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Archived from February 15th


A bit of complaining about some difficult stands last week and a handfull of score cards not returned.

The figures, however, tell me that we had a pretty average score compared to earlier this year. I personally had a poor day and admit to one smiley on the elevated stand down the bottom of the course, (going away pair), but a changed gun with an untested stock fit got all the blame.

We had our first 100% score last week. Ian Edwards, helped by his fix of fruit gums and 'Teddy Grays' managed to not miss a single target. He could not manage the full course so in my usual manner I am oblged to divide his score by the number he shot and multiply by 0.75. This gives me 100%. Our first 100% Ian. Now back to reality.

Ian had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he called it a day after his second stand. I've used my prerogative and disqualified Ian for still having sweets left when he had finished shooting. He has however certainly earned the 'enterprise' gold medal this week. The Gold for top scratch gun was Gary Griffiths who is shooting seperbly this year. Silver went to Bob Jordan with a fine 54..Chris Arthur's 52 took the Bronze. Handicap Gold went to Mark Reacord who continues to improve on a weekly basis. Drew Beaumont won the Handicap Silver place with Malcolm Speer taking the Bronze position.

At South Worcester, Len's 81 took the scratch topspot with Jon Skelding taking second place with 73 kills. Trevor G's 71 took the Bronze spot. John Griffiths walked away with the top Handicap place beating the runner up, Trevor G, by an incredible 9.5 targets. Jonathan Skelding took the Bronze wilth another, above average, score. Can I request that you text or photo your scores to me on 07836367889, either message or Watsapp. Thanks in advance


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