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Archived from December 27th


 Another nicely balanced shoot I thought, but a shame about the weather forecast with Storm Frank threatening a downpour and 80mph winds. Inevitably, we had a low turnout and, true to form, some very lively targets amongst the birds.that cleared the tree line. Bob Jordan gave us a  free shooting lesson, taking the scratch Gold medal for the second consecutive week, this time by 6 clear targets. Well shot Bob.  Len was runner up with 55 broken clays. Bonze medal place was  taken by Chris Arthur who shot with his side by side and scored an impressive 51 kills.  Bob J also took the Handicap top spot, beating his average by over 7 points. Handicap Silver place went to David Gee with third place going to Roy Kitchen, just a fraction of a target behind.

South Worcester felt Frank's full force with torrential rain most of the afternoon. We were joined by 3 keen novices, none of who'm had shot clays before. Undaunted by the elements or .the targets, they each proceeded to break a minimum of 28% of the ground's target. Amazing results.Top gun was Geoff Pomroy who broke 70% of his targets. Len was runner up with 68% kills with Tony Gray breaking 60%  despite fighting a mal-functioning gun. The Handicap positions mirrored the scratch results. 

A reminder of 11 years ago.


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