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Archived from August 4th

August 4th

Not in attendance again last week but the scores in suggest most of you had a field day.

Bob Warder put in the best score, a mighty 61 but three runners up, Dave Nightingale, Julian Wazczak, and Eric Hall, each put in a great score of 59. When the Handicap scores were added.

David Nightingale took the scratch runner up and the Handicap top performance.

Nigel Jordan's 51 was his best score this year and easily took the Handicap runner-up spot. On the Handicap statistics, it is interesting to note that the average score was three points over the nominal 75 so this shoot must have been 3 targets easier than the norm.

That should really wind Shane up co's he usually puts a couple of stinkers on when someone suggests he has let us off lightly. Once again, no results from SW so i'll try and update them this week.


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