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Archived from August 31st

31.08.22. My first time back for 6 weeks and it was great to see such a good mix of targets.

There was something for everyone though the looper on the bottom pond screwed up my sheet. Top scratch gun was Gary Griffiths who's 62 was a great score on these targets. Geoff Pomroy put in an excellent 60 which gave him silver spot over Julian Waszczak's similar score on handicap adjustment. Julian W took the Bronze spot. Some excellent Handicap scores this week. Gary Griffiths clearly returned to top form with his scratch win. It also gave him the Handicap Gold by a clear 3 points. Geoff Pomroy put in an excellent 60 which gave him Silver spot and relegated Julian Waszczak's similar scoreto the Bronze position on Handicap adjustment.

Geoff Pomroy confirmed his steady improvement by taking the scratch Gold at South Worcester. His 75 was not a particularly high score for the ground but beat a strong squad on an excellent mix of targets. Jon Skelding gave him keen competition being just one target behind to take the Silver position. Len S took the Bronze spot with 71, a pleasing round from his newly refurished but still ancient Beretta semi auto. John Griffiths 60% of kills beat his average by a clear 5 points to give him the Handicap Gold. Handicap Silver spot went to Jonathan Skeldng with Geoff Pomroy taking the Bronze spot.


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