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Archived from August 10th


A low turnout last week unless I didn't get all the scores. I'm aware that afternoon heat meant that South Worcester didn't field a squad so a modest commentary this week,

Another difficult morning at Butlers with a great mix of targets. The shortening days means a lower arc of the sun and I am advised that at least one of the stands was affected. It was described as being a 'shoot and hope' situation by one very competant shooters.

The immediate contradiction to that is the fact that the averages were better this week, Top score was the 58 recorded by Bob Warder who returned to Gold medal form with a score that bettered everything reported over the last 3 weeks.

It looks like he has finally got to grips with Shane's devious little targets. A well deserved Silver spot was earned by Chris Arthur with 55 broken Clays. Chris is consistantly putting in some great scores at the moment. Bronze place went to Trevor Griffiths who's 53 beat Dave Nightingales similar score on handicap difference. Trevors 20g consistantly beats loads of 12g muskets at this particular shoot.

Handicap Gold went to Dave Gee who scored 3 over his average on a course that caught out many experienced shooters. Handicap Silver went to Don Walford. He may have only marginally beat his average score but he beat everyone else on the ground except Dave Gee. Well done Don. Handicap bronze went to Trevor Griffiths's mighty 20g again.

No scores from South Worcester but will correct the scoresheets if any turn up with this weeks results.

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