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Archived from April 6th

April 6th.

A radical layout change this week which, by the results, caught many of us out. I found the ground staff at H&W had done a superb job of altering things around, an exercise that must have taken a shift or two to get right. Well done lads.

Top gun was Dave Salter whose score of 58 was the lowest Gold medal winning score of the year to date. Gary Griffiths, with 53, pipped Bob Warder with the same score by handicap advantage to take the Silver leaving Bob to take the Bronze and fill in the scratch medals lineout.

The handicap results better demonstrated those who had pulled out the stops and performed well. Malcolm Speer put in a score almost 4 above his averae at take the handicap gold. A great result Malcolm. Gary Griffiths tested his brand new (Beretta) auto and took the Silver with a score 2 points better than his average.

Bronze medal went to Ian Jeffries who was the only other Dodger to beat his average. Certainly, from a Handicap perspective, these were a cracking set of results. Well done everyone.

Another below par performance by the South Worcester squad with no-one even approaching their average score. Len was top gun with juat 72 targets broken. Tony Gray took the Silver just two targets behind with Trevor taking Bronze with a modest 61. Tony took the Handicap Gold with a score 5 below his average while Trevor took Silver with a 7 below average and Len took Bronze despite being 8 targets adrift of his mean score.

I'm hoping last weeks learning curve leads to better results next week.


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