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Archived from April 28th

A pretty miserable day with a biting wind that upset both shooters and clays. Once again, a coup[le of awkward stands spoilt some good scorecards. 3 regulars scored 80% and better with Bob Jordan's 62 narrowly beating Dave Salter's score by a single target.

Only 5 guns beat their average score so Robert Wilson will be delighted to have won the Handicap medal by beating his own average by almost 5 kills. Well done Robert.

Top gun at SW was shared between Dave Salter and Len Sandford with each breaking 83% of their targets. Len took the Handicap award.

To describe conditions as Cold, Wet, and windy was an understatement. Trevor G was the most sensible sportsman on the day. He stayed at home.

It was good to see Nigel Jordan back enjoying himself. He hadn't shot for over a year and started as if he hadn't been away but the aforementioned tricky stands ruined his score. He'll find them easier next time round. Great to have you back Nigel. Ps, won Gary Griffiths an extra 3 points, checking the results demonstrated that someone can't add up in their squad.


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