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Archived from April 20th

April 20th.

Great morning's shoot, weather and targets both excellent. He Li rejoined us after 7 weeks away house hunting, He quickly demonstrated that he had not lost his touch. With very close competion for the scratch awards, Li just took the Gold with 61 broken clays, the same score as Bob Warder.

After the handicap adjustment decider, Li left Bob with the Silver. The same handicap adjustment gave Len's 60 tagets the Bronze over Julian Waszczak's similar score. The handicap result was a true eye opener with Dave Gee beating his averge by a massive 11 points to easily take the Handicap Gold. An incredible shoot David. Keep it up.

After a mediocre start, Malcolm Speer again showed his mettle by finishing the last few stands with barely a miss. He took the Handicap Silver leaving Li's scratch score to also earn him the Handicap Bronze.

Another good shoot at South Worcester where everyone beat their average score. The performance of the day saw Tony Gray take the scratch Gold with a super 85 ex 100 broken Clays. Tony is shooting incredibly well at the moment. Len took the silver with a very respectable 81 while Geoff Pomroy took the scratch Bronze just a single point behind. A great shoot by John Griffiths with his super little 28g took the Handicap Gold by a clear 5 points. John demonstrates that size isn't everything each week as his lightweight musket finds and destroys any target the ground can put before it. Well done John.

The Handicap Silver went to Tony Gray with Trevor Griffiths 20g taking the Bronze spot. My choice for result of the day was an easy one this week. David Gee, a massive improvement.


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