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Archived from August 26th

August 26th

Apologies again for the late posting. Social commitments meant that I needed to be way and had no access to the spreadsheets until I returned this week. A much better turnout last week. around 75% of our pre-Covid numbers. A sign of confidence in the safety systems I hope.

Dave Salter topped the scoreboard at Butlers with 61 and was the highest scorer, beating a much improved Li by just 1 kill. Geoff Pomroy equalled his best score of the year and won the Handicap medal by the narrowest of margins relegating Li to handicap runner up by just 0.04 of a kill.

Li 's excellent shooting continued at South Worcester where he equalled his best score of the year but remained runner up by just one again! Len topped the scoreboard with 79. Li's 78 easily gave him the handicap title.from Ian Edwards.

Ian's penchant for shooting 'on report' stands as simmo pairs cost him dearly on just one stand. One day he'll demonstrate his considerable skill by playing by the rules and giving us all a thrashing.

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