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Archived from February 5th

February 5th

A glorious day for shooting this week. The higher sun sparing the need for welding goggles on all but the gully. A testing shoot with only 3 guns getting into the 50s. The long low crosser down the bottom field was once again the most testing bird of the day and was, I’m sure, responsible for keeping down the average score.

Top gun of the day was Bob Warder with an impressive 59. Big Robert won the handicap by scoring 5 kills above his average. Well done both of you.

South Worcester is drying out nicely at the moment so anyone fancying a completely different shoot on Wednesday afternoon, have a word with Len.

Transport there and back can usually be arranged. On the H & S front, I feel a cautionary word about the effect of poor gun mounting is worth mentioning. God has given all of us a perfect little pocket just below the shoulder that enables us, with a little practice, to mount and fire a shotgun without any discomfort. Be sure to search it out and use it.

Ian E will be scoring only for a few weeks due to shoulder injury he received a fortnight ago while putting in a cracking round of 54. Unfortunately, the excessive recoil from his musket seems to have damaged his shoulder. It was easily the best 410 score of the year, so he probably thought it was worth it. Happily, it does not appear to have affected his sense of humour (yet).

Number given out for messaging scorecards to Len was wrong. It should be 07836 367889.

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