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Archived from Jan 26th

January 26th 2020

We're gradually settling into an organised routine for getting the scores updated. A mislaid scorecard means that the SW scores for the 29th of Jan have been trawled from what is left of Lens memory. They will be corrected when the card re-surfaces.

The average score this week was the lowest since May last year proving that, either Shane is getting better at finding some tricky targets or we are getting out of practice.

Congratulations to Peter Johnson who won the scratch Gold medal and to Bob Jordan for winning the handicap. We were wondering if there might be any interest in have an occasional shoot, (perhaps every couple of months) where squads are selected by ballot.

The thought is that this will allow all shooters to observe and possibly get or pass on a few tips from a wider perspective than their usual squad. It should follow that the following week, each original squad member will be able to relate and share any positive feedback they may have picked up with their normal shooting pals. Its just a thought at the moment but give Trevor, David Nightingale or Len any thoughts.

Ps, David N is collecting the scores, and Len S is managing the scores spreadsheets. Either of us could be called away before the end of the shoot. If you find yourself with a scorecard in your possession and no-one to pass it on to, can you get it photographed onto a phone and message it on to Len on 07936 367889, or David N on 07977 301450.

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