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Archived from December 11th

11th December:

Dave S high gun with 65/75. Bob J and Bob W were runners up, just one target behind. Howard won the weekly handicap.

As if anyone needs reminding, our Christmas shoot occurs next week. People are very generous in what they bring. It has been known that people have brought items although they were not able to participate in the shoot, on the other hand…

Thanks to Ian for letting us use the club’s facilities and his contribution to the buffet.

Good luck to everyone.

4th December:

Nineteen Dodgers shooting today.

52.3 was the average score. Bob W high gun with 68/75. Bob J won the weekly handicap scoring 67/75 with his 20 gauge. Dave S scored 66 with Julian and Fei both on 62. Ian also scored in the 60’s with 63.

No scores from South Worcester as Trevor didn’t manage to complete course.

4th. December 2019

Butler’s: Bob W was high gun with 68/75. Bob J won the handicap. The average score was 52.3

South Worcester:

20th. November 2019

Bob W was high gun with 63/75. He also won the handicap. The average score was 46.3. Well done to Stephen who is this week’s handicap winner. Julian was runner-up with 56 scored.

The course has remained pretty well unchanged for a while now.

13th. November 2019

Butler’s: Bob W High gun 70/75. He also won the handicap. Average score this week: 53.0.

South Worcester:

Dave S. High gun 90/100.

6th. November 2019

Butler’s: Trevor High and handicap winner gun with 69/75. Average score was 53.4.

South Worcester: Len was high gun and handicap winner with 89/100

30th October 2019

Butler’s: Trevor was high gun with 65/75. Average score – 46.8. He also won the handicap.

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