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Archived from November 6th

Despite losing its cocking lever, Trevor’s semi-automatic shot a very pleasing 69/75 for high gun at Butler’s. It was also his personal best for the year so far. Bob J, Len, Bob W and Dave S also scored in the 60’s. KotR found an additional kill on Peter’s card which takes him to 53/75. There may be some scores outstanding as KotR needs to leave quite promptly and would like to thank those who email their squads score through so they can be included on the spreadsheet when it is completed on the following morning.

At South Worcester, not only did Trevor’s wheels come off but they sustained significant punctures on the way! Len shot a pleasing 89/100 with Dave S just three targets behind. Only 72 for Trevor.

6th. November 2019

Butler’s: Trevor High and handicap winner gun with 69/75. Average score was 53.4.

South Worcester: Len was high gun and handicap winner with 89/100

30th October 2019

Butler’s: Trevor was high gun with 65/75. Average score – 46.8. He also won the handicap.

23rd October 2019

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 63/75. Noel won the handicap. The average score was 49.8.

South Worcester: Dave S High gun with 92/100

16th October:

Butler’s: Awaiting some results.

South Worcester: Two squads shooting different courses. Results not published.

Butler’s: Bob J (20 gauge) was high gun with 59/75. Average score – 50.1. Trevor won the handicap.

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