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Archived from June 20th

Amount donated so far for a Memorial Shield/Trophy for John Young:



Simon was high gun this week with a blistering 67/75. Joint runners-up were Julian and Bob W with 60 kills. Very well done to Simon who has qualified for one of our prestigious ‘High Five’ badges.

Personal bests were also achieved for the year so far by Suz with 56 and Duncan with 47. It is pleasing to see the scores improving, particularly as the course has become more demanding.

There were 23 Dodgers shooting this week and the average score was 50.3.

Fortunately, the rain stayed away during the morning but managed to ‘find’ the South Worcester contingent in the afternoon.

We really are fortunate at Butler’s to have such an excellent ground with brilliant facilities. Huge improvement from KotR’s first visit in the late 1960’s when there was a wooden hut and all car parking was on the road! Fortunately the days of hand loaded pedal traps are long gone.

Excellent score from Len at South Worcester with 86/100! Possibly releasing his frustration from the previous week when the weather made life miserable for his time on his boat.

19th June 2019

Butler’s: Simon High gun with 67/75. He also won the handicap for the week. Average score – 50.3.

South Worcester. Len was high gun and handicap winner with 86/100.

12 June 2019

Butler’s: Bob W and Bob G were equal high gun with 59/75. Average score – 52.1. Bob G won the handicap.

South Worcester. Trevor was high gun 76/100. He also won the handicap

5th June 2019

Butler’s: Julian High gun with 61/75. Average score – 48.1. Bob W won the handicap.

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 74/100. Trevor won the handicap.

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