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Archived from May 29th

29th May 2019

Occasionally, someone points out where KotR has made an error/s in the newsletter. Thanks for that, at least it shows that it is read occasionally! Put it down as ‘age related’.

It is important that everyone known that any money collected by KotR for whatever reason is recorded in a book. The money and book are kept in our black bag which contains the score cards etc. I am highlighting this at the moment because Mike R has made a significant donation for a trophy/shield in the remembrance of JY and should Trevor G be unable to continue as usual, everything can be located.

Thanks to Mike also for the 2B pencils. As most of you will be aware, we use waterproof cards when necessary (if you’ve had to use paper cards at other shoots you will be aware how good these are) but we must also use a very soft pencil so the cards can be re-used.

On a Wednesday afternoon, KotR usually attends South Worcester Shooting Ground. But not today. Oh no!

Don’t do it they said! It will lead to tears they said! Would KotR take this advice? Oh no! He went over to the ‘Dark Side’ and bought a semi-automatic.

From the outset, it was reluctant to recycle the second cartridge. So KotR didn’t do any shooting today. Spending the afternoon doing this newsletter and arranging for his gun to be returned to the manufacturers for ‘attention’! ’Don’t do it!’ they said…

Well done to Julian, high gun this week. Bob W and Simon were joint second. Howard won the handicap and Duncan had his personal best for the year following his absence. Well done!

Bob J has had the ‘Seventy over Seventy’ shield engraved!

Butler’s: Julian high gun with 53/75. Average score 42.7 Howard wins the handicap.

23rd January 2019

Butler’s: Dave N and Len were high gun with 56/75. Dave wins on handicap. Mike won the handicap.

South Worcester. Len was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

16th January 2019

Butler’s: Dave N was high gun with 58/75. Trevor won the handicap. The average score was 48.3.

9th January 2019

Butler’s: Dave S was high gun with 59/75.

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 75/100.

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