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Archived from May 22nd

22nd. May 2019


Does anyone have a gun cabinet they want to sell, preferably a short one?

(KotR questions why anyone would want more than one gun in the first place!)

The course had been re-vamped for this morning’s shoot. Pretty challenging targets but quite a few complementary comments about the layout. There had certainly been a great deal of thought and effort expended. Hope the course stays the same for a while so we can get to grips with the targets which gave us difficulty.

Robert W was the only person in Trevor’s squad to hit the fast looper on the skeet range. Bob J was able to hit the distant target over the pond with his 20 gauge.

Dave S was high gun with the only score in the 60’s. Rob P was this week’s handicap winner with Trevor less than one target behind. The average score was 43.6.

For the older, more ‘memory challenged’ individuals amongst us there remains hope: As KotR’s squad approached the car park following the shoot, Suz was heading back onto the ground. She had ‘malcolmed’ her gun! KotR promised not to mention this in the newsletter.

At South Worcester, Len was high gun with 79/100 and Trevor won the handicap. His new gun is coming along quite nicely.

22nd. May 2019

Butler’s: Dave S High gun with 61/75. Average score – 43.6. Rob P won the handicap.

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 79/100. Trevor won the handicap.

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