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Archived from April 24th

17th April 2019

Excellent conditions for shooting this week. We had twenty Dodgers shooting and once again, the ground was well attended.

The course was quite demanding and KotR’s squad were given a shooting lesson by Bob J.

Using his 20 gauge, Bob scored a brilliant 70! As many of you know, we do have some trophies and awards. There is a shield for anyone who is over seventy years old and who has seventy kills or over during our Wednesday morning shoot. Bob will be our third recipient. Very well done to him.

Julian scored his personal best for the year so far with 66. Noel, Howard and Stephen also scored their personal best for the year so far.

At South Worcester we had a small squad and soon managed to rattle round. John is still not 100% fit and suffering with injury. We hope he doesn’t pick any more fights with a ‘Digger’! Len was high gun and handicap winner with 76/100. John won the week’s handicap.

24th April 2019

It remained dry for the morning’s shoot but the rain in the afternoon prompted the squad to call it a day half way round the course.

Sallie presented Bob J with his shield. Not an easy trophy to win but there will now be three names on it!

Fei was high gun with an excellent 65/75 and Bob W was the only other Dodger to score into the 60’s with a 61. (There have been 77 targets on the course recently, but KotR has ignored this bonus).

Simon shot a personal best for the year so far and is this week’s handicap winner. Personal bests for the year so far to Suz, Stephen and of course Bob W..

Len and Trevor will soon be putting a memorial trophy of some description in place for JY. When this has been acquired, Trevor will invite anyone who wishes to make a contribution to do so. It will be shot for in a handicap shoot and established Dodgers will be eligible to enter.

Eligible Dodgers are those who shoot reasonably regularly with us. Many years ago, at a Christmas shoot, someone asked if he could join us.

He walked away with most of the medals, never to be seen again. We have no strict rules but just want our ‘group’ to be looked after.

24th April 2019

Butler’s: Fei high gun with 65/75. Simon won the handicap.

South Worcester: Bob W high gun 35/48. John won the handicap.

17th April 2019

Butler’s: Bob J High gun with 70/75. He also won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 76/100. John won the handicap.

10th April 2019

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 55/75. Rob P won the weekly handicap. Average score was 41.7

South Worcester. Dave was high gun with 85/100. Trevor won the handicap.

3rd April 2019

Butler’s: Dave N was high gun with 55/75. Howard won the handicap. Average score was 44.1

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 75/100. Ian won the handicap.

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