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Archived from March 13th

13th March 2019

Storm Gareth arrived at Mr Butler’s with a vengeance!

The clays behaved in a very interesting manner and gave everyone credible excuses for shooting below par.

The conditions did not appear to affect Fei who managed a very creditable 58/75. Julian S also shot well and was just one target behind! Eric, Len and Julian W were the only others to shoot in the 50’s. Eric won the weekly handicap. Gary managed to attend this week and shot a pleasing 49! The average score was 43.6. Considering the conditions, the club was again attended very well.

South Worcester was well attended and the wind didn’t seem as troublesome although some of the usual targets were not available because of safety concerns. Trevor’s 28 gauge had caused problems in the morning as the second barrel did not fire. Different cartridges seemed to solve the problem. This gun did not perform well during the morning and received ‘a right good talking to’! It went on to high gun in the afternoon with a very pleasing 82/100.

13th March 2019

Butler’s: Fei high gun with 58/75. Eric won the handicap.

South Worcester. Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

6th March 2019

Butler’s: Dave S and Julian were equal high gun with 61/75. Trevor was handicap winner.

South Worcester. Dave was high gun with 77/100. Trevor won the handicap.

27th February 2019

Butler’s: Julian was high gun and handicap winner. Average score was 46.2

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 80/100. John won the handicap.

20th February 2019

Butler’s: Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 62/75.

South Worcester. Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

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