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Archived from February 20th

20th February 2019

Many of us will be aware that Jonathan is very ill.

KotR understands that he is to be moved to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham as he awaits a heart becoming available. Our thoughts and best wishes will be with him and for those closest to him.

It was a very testing course this week as testified by the average score of 45.7. Dave S shot a brilliant 62/75 for high gun with Len in second place with 57. Bob J hit some excellent targets with his 20 gauge and Trevor managed to hit both of the targets on the end stand with his 410 (unfortunately, he only managed to find a further 35 on the rest of the course!).

Nigel and Malcolm scored their personal best for the year so far. Well done also to Dave N and Julian who were just one target behind Len.

20th February 2019

Butler’s: Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 62/75.

South Worcester. Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

13th February 2019

Butler’s: Dave S high gun with 61/75. Mike won the handicap.

South Worcester. Li was high gun with 68/100.

6th February 2019

Butler’s: Fei was high gun with 65/75.

South Worcester. Fei was high gun with 83/100.

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