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Archived from September 19th

19th September 2018

Very windy conditions today. Seventeen of us shot in relatively small groups.

Bob W was high gun with 64/75. Peter won the handicap.

At South Worcester, without any shelter from the wind, it was somewhat of a challenge to remain upright! Trevor was fortunate enough to have the wind blow many targets into his pattern and was high gun with 69/100.

22nd August 2018

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun with 64/75. Average score was 49.5 Peter won the handicap.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 69/100

12th September 2018

Butler’s: Bob W was High gun with 69/75. Average score was 53.9. Duncan won the handicap.

South Worcester: Trevor High gun with 66/100.

5th September 2018

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 67/75. Howard won the handicap Average score was 53.7

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 73/100.

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