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Archived from August 8th

8th August 2018

We had some challenging targets once again this week. Dave S was high gun with 60/75 which was the only score in the 60’s. A mention for Bob J who was second overall with 58/75 with his 20 gauge! Well done to Mike R who is this week’s handicap winner.

There were quite a few people attending the club again this week, possibly down to the holiday period but we managed to get around without undue delay.

For the second week running, Ian J missed scoring 50 by just one target. KotR tried to find a missing hit on his card but was unable to do so. Well done to Mike and Duncan who have been improving their scores recently.

Len’s uncharacteristically low score didn’t stop him shooting well at South Worcester in the afternoon where he managed 80% over the first ten stands.

An overall total for the scores at South Worcester was too complicated for KotR to compute as he was totally bewildered as to what was occurring on the single man (woman) flurry. Hopefully back to normal next time.

8th August 2018

Butler’s: Dave was high gun with 60/75. Mike won the handicap Average score was 46.5

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 67/84.

1st August 2018

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun with 63/75. Average score was 48.3. Ian E. won the handicap.

South Worcester Julian W was high gun with 73/10

25th July 2018

Butler’s: Li was High gun with 58/75. Average score was 45.3.

South Worcester: Len High gun and handicap winner with 77/100.

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