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Archived from August 1st

Happy birthday to Ian E who is 66 on the 2nd August. The date will be noted in order that any surviving Coffin Dodgers can celebrate this event in the future.

Unusually, Julian W attended today. We normally expect him to arrive at our Christmas shoot where he will avail himself of the generous spread provided by our merry little band. Blessed with highly attuned olfactory sensors, he must have become aware of Ian’s efforts to provide us with celebratory treats! Fittingly, Ian was handicap winner this week.

Meanwhile, Len was still unable to attend but was able to observe the gannets at Padstow.

Many Dodgers will not be aware of Bob G. He is one of our founding members and has been unable to shoot for some time. He has attended our Christmas shoot but only to bring a contribution for us. Bob is awaiting another scan and fully intends to re-join us as a shooter as soon as he is able. Best wishes from us all Bob for a speedy return!

Gary was able to join us again this week but was somewhat disappointed with his score. All the more reason to attend more frequently Gary. KotR is sure your bosses will understand if you explain this to them!

Bob W marked his return to the shooting following various procedures at the hands of our wonderful NHS! He celebrated this with high gun of 63/75 on a difficult course. What are the chances that we will all start queuing for some ‘tweaking’ from the medical ‘bods’? Bugger all – KotR expects. A mention for Li who scored 59/75. Commiserations to Ian J who just wanted one more kill to hit the 50!

This week was a testing course which caught a few people out. There is no doubt that Shane is doing an excellent job in providing these targets for us and a word of appreciation to him goes a long way.

1st August 2018

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun with 63/75. Average score was 48.3. Ian E. won the handicap.

South Worcester Julian W was high gun with 73/10

25th July 2018

Butler’s: Li was High gun with 58/75. Average score was 45.3.

South Worcester: Len High gun and handicap winner with 77/100.

18thJuly 2018

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 62/75. Malcolm won the handicap Average score was 51.3

South Worcester. Tony was high gun and handicap winner with 74/100.

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