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Archived from July 25th

It appears as though the very hot weather was detrimental to our performances.

Li was high gun with 58/75 and Bob G (2) won the week’s handicap medal. The course had some testing targets but many were missed through lack of concentration. Trevor’s 28 gauge was given an ‘airing’ and scored 49/75, even managing to take out one of the Teal across the pond.

Len was high gun and handicap winner at South Worcester but John G’s and Trevor’s 28 gauges did not disgrace themselves.

The brief newsletter this week is to allow KotR some extra time to play ‘hunt the spring’! He will now spend, God only knows how long, to find the ejector spring which sprang out of the gun during cleaning. This is not going to be an easy task in his ‘man-cave’!

25th July 2018

Butler’s: Li was High gun with 58/75. Average score was 45.3.

South Worcester: Len High gun and handicap winner with 77/100.

18thJuly 2018

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 62/75. Malcolm won the handicap Average score was 51.3

South Worcester. Tony was high gun and handicap winner with 74/100.

11th July 2018

Butler’s. Dave S was high gun with 63/75. Average score was 48.1. Duncan won the handicap.

South Worcester

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