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Archived from June 18th

June 18th

The club was well attended once again. This caused some delay in getting around, particularly when the traps malfunctioned. The ‘cherry-picker’ does present some good targets but it is time-consuming to fix when it goes wrong. This frequently has a ‘knock-on’ effect causing other stands to cease shooting so Shane can safely remedy the fault. Also at Skeet 1, the shooting position was changed after some squads had shot there and moved on.

Ian E came in first thing although he was not shooting. The Alan Painting Memorial Trophy was passed over to Ian for his safe keeping until the end of the year.

The course continues to present some very challenging targets. No-one broke the 60 barrier and Bob W was high gun with 58/75. Ian J was this week’s handicap winner. The average score was just 42.9. Trevor managed to score 51/75 with the 20 gauge. Bob J’s score did not reflect his ability. He is in a great deal of pain and is using his 20 gauge. This man really is a fighter and battles serious health conditions.

Len is making use of the good weather and is enjoying his boat.

At South Worcester this week, Trevor tied with Tony for high gun with 78/100. Really pleased with the performance of the 20 gauge.

20th June 2018

Dave S was the only Dodger to score in the 60’s although he lost one target through some ‘ericing’. Remarkably, someone actually managed to eric Eric and his score is increased by one target; not too shabby a score either with 57/75 for yet another testing course!

Ian E missed the start of the shoot owing to traffic problems but was good enough to button/mark for his usual squad. Nigel shot 50/75 giving him this week’s handicap medal. Robert was disappointed with his score but managed to ‘muller’ the difficult targets on the course. David (KotR now types with hushed fingers..) David was high gun on Trevor’s squad with 51/75 until KotR checked his card and noticed that his penultimate stand of 43, when added to his last stand score of 6 didn’t quite manage 51!

Bob W is having his cataract problem sorted, should enable him to see the targets more clearly. Even greater things are expected.

We have been told that there is a vast difference between the targets paid for and the targets used. It has been mentioned that on some stands the targets have been hitting a tree or breaking on release but apparently this doesn’t account for the discrepancy. We have been asked to be vigilant, particularly when 100 targets are being shot on a 75 card! After all, we all will have to cover these costs.

As many are aware, smaller calibres are identified on the spreadsheet with a colour code. If KotR fails to indicate this, please advise. It is used to provide different handicaps to enable a fair outcome to be achieved.

Quite a testing but enjoyable shoot at South Worcester with a variety of calibres. If Ian had used his 410, there would have been four gauges used!

20th June 2018

Butler’s. Dave S was high gun with 63/75. Average score was 46.6. Nigel won the handicap.

South Worcester On paper, Trevor tied with Len, although Trevor didn’t take all of his targets simultaneously.

13th June 2018

Butler’s: Bob W High gun 58/75. Ian J won the handicap Average score was 42.9.

South Worcester. Trevor and Tony tied with 78/100. Trevor was this week’s handicap winner.

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