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Archived from June 6th

There were only 71 targets on the course this morning. Some squads made up the 75 by shooting the extra targets on whichever was their last stand. In order to provide a meaningful comparison of scores for the high gun and handicap, KotR has only counted the first 71 targets on the card.

This week, we had the honour of Gareth joining us and he shot with Bob W’s squad. Gareth was joint high gun with Dave S and they will have to fight for possession of the weekly high gun medal. Congratulations to Duncan who is this week’s handicap winner.

Very well done.

Gary was planning to attend this week. Unfortunately, Gary cannot attend regularly owing to work commitments but usually returns a decent score when he is able. His car, however, had different ideas about attending and refused to start. Anyone else seeing visions of John Cleese giving his 1100 a ‘damn good thrashing’?

The course presented some very challenging targets and well done to the team for their ingenuity. All we now need to do is educate Shane with his counting ability.

Could well do something about this at our Christmas shoot! Devious minds must start to conspire…

Trevor’s 410 returned 37/71 at Butlers and 60/100 at South Worcester. It even found one of the distant crossers from the cherry-picker. These spud guns really are good fun to use.

The Dodgers contingent at South Worcester had a good afternoon with Dave S into the 80’s again. For once, it was a reasonable journey back up the motorway.

6th.June 2018

Butler’s: Dave S and Gareth high gun with 58/71. Duncan won the handicap. Average score was 42.5

South Worcester Dave S High gun and Handicap winner.

30th. May 2018

Butler’s Bob W was high gun with 66/75. Mike won the handicap. Average score was 48.8

South Worcester

23rd May 2018

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun with 59/75. Average score was 47.3 Bob G won the handicap.

South Worcester Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 81/100.

16th May 2018

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun with 66/75. Tony won the handicap. Average score was 48.1

South Worcester. Dave and Len tied with 80/100. Len gets it with the handicap. John was this week’s handicap winner.

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