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Archived from April 24th

April 25th

Thanks to Eric H who although not shooting this week, brought back the medal which he had previously won. The £25 deposit scheme seems to be working satisfactorily! KotR would suggest that winners should not be concerned if they are unable to return the medal promptly. If someone knows they will not be attending the following week, they usually leave it with ‘Keeper of the Medals’.

We experienced another challenging course which was reflected in the average score of 40.6! No-one broke the 60 barrier with Bob W killing 59 and Trevor taking runner-up with 55. Dave S and Bob J were the only others to score in the 50’s.

Unlike Skeet and other disciplines, the very nature of having such a wide variety of targets makes Sporting shooting a most enjoyable form of the sport.

There were some trap ‘issues’ this week with batteries needing to be replaced and work done on one of the traps. KotR will suggest that if you have never set out the traps for a sporting course yourself, don’t complain when the occasional problems occur, things will go wrong.

Bob W was high gun and handicap winner this week. Duncan shot well and just missed the handicap by 0.15 of a target!

We were fortunate enough to stay dry but with the looming thunder clouds, it did not bode well for the South Worcester contingent.

Arriving at South Worcester, we took shelter in the ‘canteen’ and waited for the storm to pass. John Clements said that he had put on an ‘interesting’ pair of ‘crossers’. We did manage to hit the ‘odd’ target and John G killed one with his 28 gauge! Fortunately, St Jude was looking down on us and we remained dry!

25th April 2018

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun and handicap winner with 59/75. Average score was 40.6

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. Trevor won the handicap.

18th April 2018

Butler’s. Ian J was high gun with 53/73. Robert won the handicap.

South Worcester. TBA

7th March 2018

Butler’s: Eric high gun with 62/75Bob G (2) won the handicap. Average score was 49.1

South Worcester TBA

4th April 2018

Butler’s Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 62/75. Average score was 48.9

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