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Archived from April 18th

April 18th

Twenty one of us squadded this week to enjoy the new course!

A very testing course had been set for us this week which comprised of excellent targets. The average score, considering all the usual contenders for high gun were there, was just 40.8!

Very well done to Ian J who was high gun with 53/73. The course was two targets short of the usual 75. Two squads shot the extra two on which ever was their last stand.

When this was the case, KotR didn’t count the final two targets so we could have a fair comparison of scores. Trevor insisted that he had not hit one of the targets, which denied him equal high gun for the week. Ian E has brought his 410 but the course was a ‘big ask’ for a pop-gun. Hopefully, the course will not be changed dramatically over the next few weeks so we can all try to master the new challenges.

Tony G joined us for the first time this year and it’s good to see Sam making regular appearances.

Entering the scores on the spreadsheet every week gives KotR an opportunity of viewing Dodgers progress. It had been very pleasing to see Ian J’s scores recently and on this week’s demanding course, he was high gun! Robert shot very well this week, cracking some of the most difficult targets. He is this week’s handicap winner.

During the course of the morning, the usual peace and tranquillity of the shooting ground was shattered by the strains of a squad lustily giving vent to the refrain of ‘The Stripper’. Poor Malcolm can’t even remove his jumpers when he gets too hot without having his leg pulled!

18th April 2018

Butler’s. Ian J was high gun with 53/73. Robert won the handicap.

South Worcester. TBA

7th March 2018

Butler’s: Eric high gun with 62/75Bob G (2) won the handicap. Average score was 49.1

South Worcester TBA

4th April 2018

Butler’s Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 62/75. Average score was 48.9

28th March 2018

Butler’s. Len was high gun with 66/75.Ian J won the handicap medal. Average score was 48.0

South Worcester Dave S was high gun with 79/100. Tony won the handicap.

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