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Archived from January 31st

31st January 2018

Volunteers Required

A course is being arranged to instruct people on the use of the club’s defibrillator. It will occur on a Wednesday afternoon. If you would like to participate, please contact Sallie. Trevor will also forgo an afternoon shooting at South Worcester to attend.

Dates for your diary:

The Alan Painting Memorial Handicap Shield – 14th. March 2018

Coffin Dodger’s Christmas Shoot – 19th. December 2018

We had a good turn-out this week with twenty one Dodgers shooting in four squads. Dave S was high gun with 63/75. Bob W was two targets behind and Trevor’s 28 gauge managed sixty. Bob W was also the weekly handicap winner.

The sun posed a few problems for some shooters. Bob J was able invoked his magical powers for clouds to obscure our life giving star when it was his turn to shoot. Good to see Nigel back with us and Sam had also managed to shoot with us again.

There was some concern with Trevor’s squad during the morning when it was Malcolm’s turn to shoot. He had disappeared! We all know he was responsible for us using the term ‘malcolming’ following his habit of forgetting items when moving stands, but for him to actually ‘malcolm’ Malcolm, it was a first!

Shane is looking to change the course, he does a really good job of providing us with challenging targets while ensuring everyone can enjoy the shoot.

At South Worcester Len was shooting well, with his first score of the year into the eighties. Trevor’s pop-gun only four targets behind!

Good to shoot with Tony again. Always tight competition with the Dodger’s contingent at South Worcester.

31st. February 2018

Butler’s Dave S was high gun with 63/75. Bob W won the weekly handicap medal. Average score was 49.3.

South Worcester Len was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

24th January 2017

Butler’s. Dave S was high gun with 60/75. Malcolm won the handicap medal. Average score was 45.8

South Worcester Len and Trevor tied for high gun with 76/100.

17th January 2018

Butler’s Trevor high gun with 72/75. Malcolm and Trevor were handicap winners on 84.67!

South Worcester Len was high gun with 73/100

10th January 2018


Trevor high gun with 61/75

South Worcester

John high gun with 82%

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