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Archived from January 25th

The forecast was a bit bleak but the Dodgers managed four squads this week.

Owing to the conditions, the course was not particularly kind this week, particularly with the wind taking some diabolical liberties with the clays.

Our waterproof scorecards once again proved their worth.

Overall, the club is now very well attended on a Wednesday morning and the attendance will possibly increase when the weather improves.

Hopefully, we will be able to make a prompt start so we can shoot the course without too much delay.

It appears that it may be more efficient if KotR returns to squadding the Dodgers as they come in. Hopefully, the squads can be sorted before 10.00 to enable a prompt start. Any late-comers can sort their own arrangements.

Dave S was high gun today with the only score in the 60’s. Malcolm had an excellent shoot scoring just two behind Dave’s sixty. A well-deserved handicap winner this week.

Trevor’s 12 gauges will remain in the cabinet for a while. The Caesar Guerini 28 gauge has come out to play! It hit a reasonable 51/75 in the morning and managed to equal Len’s 76/100 at South Worcester.

24th January 2017

Butler’s. Dave S was high gun with 60/75. Malcolm won the handicap medal. Average score was 45.8

South Worcester Len and Trevor tied for high gun with 76/100.

17th January 2018


Trevor high gun with 72/75. Malcolm and Trevor were handicap winners on 84.67!

South Worcester: Len was high gun with 73/100

10th January 2018


Trevor high gun with 61/75

South Worcester

John high gun with 82%

3rd. January 2018

Butler’s Len was high gun with 57/77.

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