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Archived from January 17th

The ‘side by side’ competition was held today with Ian J representing the Dodgers and coming sixth with a creditable score of 52/75! It appeared that the competition had lured many people to the event with the car-park packed.

It was good to see Rob back following his illness and also Sam who managed a Wednesday shoot.

Eric was unable to attend once more as his new dog hasn’t got him trained quite right yet! He was in evidence when the scorecards were checked, giving a great deal of attention to Len’s squad. Len moves down to 65 and Fei drops one (that’s a target, not a bodily function). Julian and Fei both scored in the 60’s. The average score was 55.9. It was not intended to go like this…

KotR had introduced a new award, in the form of a shield, at the Christmas shoot. It would be known as the Seventy Over Seventy shield and awarded to those of us who were seventy years old or over and who had scored seventy or over on one of our Wednesday shoots.

Initially, Bob W held this trophy but owing to some mysterious powers known only to St. Jude, Trevor managed to shoot a ‘blinder’ and score 72/75. Usually, Trevor uses small bore shotguns but has recently dug his Guerini 12 gauge out of the cabinet and it seems it would like to be used a bit more frequently!

Len was high gun at South Worcester with73/100.

17th January 2018

Butler’s Trevor high gun with 72/75. Malcolm and Trevor were handicap winners on 84.67!

South Worcester Len was high gun with 73/100

Butler’s Len, Bob J, Peter, Dave S and Li were equal high gun with 58/75. Peter gets it when the handicap is taken into consideration. He also wins this week’s weekly handicap medal. The average score was 48.2

South Worcester Len was high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

10th January 2018


Trevor high gun with 61/75

South Worcester

John high gun with 82%

3rd. January 2018

Butler’s Len was high gun with 57/77.

13th December 2017

Butler’s Bob J and Bob W tied for high gun with 65. Bob J gets it with Handicap. Peter won the handicap medal. Average score was 56.0

South Worcester Shoot cancelled.

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