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Archived from November 22nd

22nd. November 2017

22nd. November 2017

​Lord Brockhill of Hewell Court, our faithful webmaster, had contacted KotR to advise that our shooting day this week marked the occasion of Len’s 74th. birthday. Avoiding every expense, a card was hastily provided and Robert was kind enough to obtain good will comments from the Dodgers. Ian, as generous and thoughtful as ever arrived with gifts and Len’s arrival ensured we enjoyed the results of an excellent ‘Bake-Off’.

Unfortunately, Len had to settle for a Paddington Bear as an Uncle Bulgaria could not be located. May the Wombling continue as long as he is doing damage with the semi-auto; always a pain clearing up after those beasts.

Fei was able to attend again this week and shot a blistering 64/75. This was five targets ahead of Bob J’s very creditable 59/75. Suz shot well this week and won the handicap medal.

Trevor congratulated Fei on his excellent shooting and told him he need not come again! Trevor suffered a JD on his final target which would have given him 50 with the .410.

There was some Ericing of the score cards this week. Nigel goes up one as does Chris. Unfortunately Dave S drops two targets as you can’t miss one target of three pairs and end up with seven scored! Malcolm has to be a very brave Dodger as he has to take a hit of five. 22 mistaken for 27. A timely reminder to Trevor was received from the optician this week. May be wise to book a test as he also tried to get into Chris’ car following the shoot!

This week, the club was very busy. 27 people were squadded with the Dodgers. KotR is always grateful for any can’t/can make it advice. There were six squads. However, we still managed to end up with one large squad with additional shooters tagging onto one of our groups.

KotR is planning to trial another method of putting Dodgers into squads. Hopefully, this will start next week. Some very regular members will be contacted asking them to organise a squad. The scorecards etc. will be made available before the shoot and Dodgers can sign up how they wish. We will see how this works. Feedback always welcome.

22nd November 2017

Butler’s Fei was High Gun with 64/75. Suz won the handicap medal. Average score was 45.7

South Worcester Len was high gun with 85/100. He also won the handicap.

15th. November 2017