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Archived from November 8th

It appears that there is an appetite for the ‘newsletter’ therefore KotR will continue to tap a few keys to keep everyone updated.

We were treated to a beautiful autumnal day for our shooting. There were some complaints about the sun but the sky was infinitely better without the cloud, particularly the type which Mr Trump’s thumb could summon!

Scores were somewhat down this week and should they continue to decline, it may be prudent to invest in scorecards printed in Braille!

The down-side of being treated to such pleasant conditions, is that they attract hoards of people who never venture out if there is a cloud on the horizon. This week, they were attracted like moths around a candle flame and consequently we had to endure delays in getting around the course.

Nigel made a welcome return following his antipodean visit and has his eyes set on qualifying for his Sixty over Sixty badge.

Dave N is considering buying a side by side shotgun and asked Trevor if he could try his AYA No.4. This gave Trevor a good opportunity to use the said beast for the first time this year himself.

Dave managed a very creditable 41/75 considering he had to immediately become used to the automatic safety and twin triggers. The gun seemed to enjoy the experience delivering 54/75 at HWSG for Trevor and equaling Len at South Worcester with 73/100.

The act of ‘Malcolming’ is not just restricted to the Dodgers. While waiting to shoot the stand at the ‘steps’, someone returned to the stand having left his cartridge bag. After a while, the guy returned, having taken someone else’s bag. The location of his own bag is a mystery and it is not known if any cartridges were used before the error was spotted. Probably came from Worcester anyway!

The Christmas menu is now available for you to indicate what you may be able to bring. This has worked well in the past and we have enjoyed great spreads in the past!

8th November 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun with 61/75. Bob G(2) won the handicap. The average score was 44.8

South Worcester Dave was high gun with 80/100. Trevor won the handicap.

1st November 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun with 60/75. Mike won this week’s handicap medal. The average score was 47.5

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

27th September 2017

Butler’s Bob J was High gun with 63/75. Trevor won the handicap medal Average score was 50.6.

18th October 2017

Butler’s Bob W was high gun with 66/75. Eric L wins the handicap medal. Average score was 50.1

South Worcester John G was high gun and handicap winner.

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