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Archived from Sept 20th

20th September 2017

We had to endure a really pleasant autumnal day which became better as the day progressed.

Once again, Len shot very well securing high gun with 65/75. Bob J was runner-up, just three targets short. This week Li was accompanied by Fei and Chen with Fei scoring a very respectable sixty. Rose shot very well and is this week’s handicap winner.

Quite a few of our regulars were unable to attend this week and we were able to have four small squads which helped us finish promptly. The very challenging pair of loopers were not in evidence but the rabbit target did provide some innovative description!

Given the relatively ‘kind’ course, the scores indicate that a number of us shot below par. Trevor’s 20 gauge Guerini is now back out of the cabinet and as a tribute to Ian E who was taking advantage of the dry weather to repair a roof, decided to shoot all targets simultaneously. The rabbit stand was a bit testing but do-able!

There were 73 targets today. The Moorhen should have been 4 pairs and not 3 pairs. One squad just shot the 73 targets, the other squads took the two extras at different stands. KotR has used the first 73 targets shot for establishing high gun and the handicap winner.

The South Worcester contingent incorporated the ‘mini-compak’ into their sporting round. Some of the targets were very testing! Len managed to obliterate a very devious looper which Malcolm (not the one from Worcester) had devised. Very good course. We were treated to a ‘Keystone Kops’ episode as Becky and James tried to round-up a small dog which was having the time of its life running around to ground, just needed an appropriate sound track!

22th. September 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun with 65/75. Rose wins the handicap medal. Average score was 52.6

South Worcester Len was high gun with 80/100. John wins the handicap.

13th September 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun and handicap winner this week with 62/75. The average score was 43.9

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100

6th September 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun with 63/75. Eric L was the handicap winner. Average score was 53.1

South Worcester Len was high gun with 74/100. Trevor won the handicap.

2nd. August 2017

Butler’s Len was High gun with 68/75. Average score was 55.8. Peter won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Len high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

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